I frequently use labyrinths in my creative work and teaching. This includes installing temporary labyrinths at festivals and events. I have also created a permanent turf labyrinth for use by staff and students at Canterbury Christ Church University.

Gathering, created for Gardens of Earthly Delight, 1st May 2020

Here are some of my labyrinth-related projects.

Augustine Tower labyrinth   public walkshops & installation

St Augustine's Tower, Hackney: 7th October 2018
with walking textile artist Elspeth Penfold 
creating and walking a cross-shaped 'stepping stone' labyrinth on the footprint of a lost church  
created for the Friends of Interpretable Spaces festival

An Ofrenda for Walking with Shrines  installation

Margate, Kent: 29th September 2018
creating a walked chalk 100-step labyrinth at the Margate War memorial as part of Walking with Shrines, curated by Elspeth Penfold
created for the Margate Festival and Margate Bookie

Treading and Threading the Labyrinth  public walkshops & installation

Slaithewaite, Huddersfield: 8th September 2018
with walking textile artist Elspeth Penfold 
creating and walking a textile Baltic Wheel labyrinth at a Forest School setting 
created for the 4th World Congress of Psychogeography

Priory labyrinth    turf labyrinth at Canterbury Christ Church University

Canterbury, Kent: September 2015 (permanent)
a classical turf labyrinth created for Re-enchanting the Academy conference at CCCU
site maintained by CCCU grounds & gardens
labyrinth project awarded CCCU 'Faculty Teaching Innovation Prize' 2016

My use of labyrinths in teaching creative writing is the subject of a case study in Learning With The Labyrinth, edited by Jan Sellers and Bernard Moss (Palgrave MacMillan 2016).