Across the Pond

Interview with Sam Jordison and Lori Feathers on Eden. Across the Pond podcast (Apple).

Uncanny Landscapes

Interview with Justin Hopper on Heavy Time and psychogeography. Uncanny Landscapes Podcast (Podbean).

Mishtory tour

Interview with Regan Hutchins for RTE Radio ‘Inside Culture’. Feature on Fourth World Congress of Psychogeography events (SoundCloud).

‘O what we ben!’

Interview with Matthew Sweet for BBC Radio 3 ‘Free Thinking’ on Riddley Walker and literary landscapes. Feature on Being Human Festival projects

prizes & nominations

‘Enlightenment Services Inc.’ (short). Selected for the Streetcake Experimental Writing Prize, 2023.

Eden (novel). Nominated for Goldsmith’s Prize for Fiction & Women’s Prize for Fiction, 2023.

‘Floodwater’ (short). Nominated for the Pushcart Prize, 2023.

‘Green is the colour’ (short). Nominated for the Shirley Jackson Prize, 2021.

Heavy Time (memoir). Nominated for the Ondaatje Prize, 2021.

A Likeness (novel). Shortlisted for the Author’s Club Best First Novel Award, 2004.